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In 1563 the Wardmote of Candlewick made divers orders for appearance, for departing without licence, and for blaspheming in the name of God, all of which were subject to fine. They made provision for morning prayer, for saying of Grace before and after dinner and supper, and for reciting therewithall the following:- 

“Hee that without grace sitteth down for to eate
And neglecteth to give God thanks for his meate

 And riseth againe letting grace overpasse

Sitteth down like Oxe and riseth like an asse” 

In 1676 the clerk of the Wardmote entered the following minute - “as this order is left to us in writing for an ensample of well doing wee have observed the same and doe wish our successors to doe the like according to the Glory of God”. 

It is not known when the reciting of the 1563 lines fell into disuse, but at a meeting of the Ward Club Committee held on 10th October 1991 it was proposed, seconded and unanimously approved that the recitation be reinstated forthwith and that it be given each year at the Annual Breakfast. 

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