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Rule X

Any member who shall be elected a Member of Parliament, or to the offices of the Lord Mayor, Alderman or Sheriff, shall, on his election to any such office, pay to the Club the sum of five guineas

Rule XI

Any member who shall be nominated a Deputy of this Ward shall, on his first nomination to such office, pay to this Club two guineas.

Rule XII

Any member on his election as a Common Councilman of this Ward shall, on his first election to such office, pay the Club two guineas.


Every member shall pay to the Club on each of the following occasions viz:-

On his Marriage, one guinea
On the Birth of each Child, ten shillings
On the Marriage of each Child, one guinea

On the Birth of each Grandchild, ten shillings

N.B. These payments may be increased according to the thankfulness of the Member. 


These rules were last revised in 1904, and in view of the N.B. succeeding committees have deferred any decision to amend the figures payable to modern currency. 

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